Answering Machine Messages Samples

answering machine messages for business

Answering Machine Messages Samples

Learning how to do something, how to go about it, what to include and what process to work with is one of the toughest things of any undertaking, and this is also true of coming up with answering machine messages. People often want to be creative for their own, and business want professional quality messages to communicate their dedication to the people who call them, and these things are often tough to write if you really want to come up with something high quality.

funny answering machine messages for business       answering machine messages for business

One of the easiest and most effective ways to learn is to see answering machine with multiple outgoing messages samples. With good samples, you can see all the principles of high-quality messages in action so that you can ultimately see how to do it yourself, and we’ve provided a few samples below.

Professional Answering Machine Messages Examples

Humorous Examples:

  • “I’m not around, but luckily for you my answering machine is, so you can still have a nice conversation.”
  • “This is Alfred’s toaster, so feel free to leave your message when the toast is finished.”
  • “I am Alfred’s answering machine. Tell me what you are.”
  • “This is Alfred. I’m probably here but I don’t feel like answering the phone. Leave a message and if I’m interested I’ll pick it up. If not, well…”

Business Examples:

  • This is _____________ Inc. Sorry we couldn’t make it to the phone, but we’d love to hear what you have to say so leave us a message or try again during business hours. Thanks!
  • Thank you so much for calling, we value your call and we want to hear from you again, so leave us a message or call back soon and we’ll be sure to talk to you. Thank you.

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