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answering machine greetings for homeWhen you are not a home for any reason, your landline or answering machine greetings for home greets all your callers. So, rather than making your caller listen to the same old greeting why not try a new fresh greeting. You can keep your voicemail simple and short, for instance, ‘Hi, I am Sam and you can leave a message as am unable to receive your call right now.’ If you want to be more informative in your voicemail greeting like ‘I am on a vacation for a week and will call you back, please leave a message.’ Our service offers various personal voicemail greeting example that are written by professionals.

Voicemail Greeting: Learn to Record on Your Own

A caller who is calling you at home would surely be someone who knows you and if they know you they will prefer to hear the voicemail greeting in your voice rather than someone else’s. So here are some tips that can help you record a voicemail greeting on your own:

  • Just write down a script. It’s ok if it is slightly long as you can always edit it later on.
  • While writing the script, make sure that you address yourself as well acquire the caller’s reason of call by asking them to leave a brief message.
  • Practice a few times by reading out the message aloud. You can ask a family member or a friend to see if you are sounding nice or whether the message needs some improvement.
  • Get hold of a good sound recorder. If the device for recording the sound is not of good quality then all your efforts will go in vain.
  • Do your final recording in a place that is sound proof or quite enough so that other sounds do not get recorded along with the greeting.
  • Make sure you are fresh and your sound is cheerful and happy. Best way is to record when you are in a very good mood.
  • Check on the voicemail by calling up your number from a cell phone. You can also ask a friend to check it as others may detect errors that might have slipped your mind.
  • You can edit the errors in your final recoding with a sound editing device rather than going through the entire recording process once again.

sample voicemail greetings for home

Professional Helping Hand: Sample Voicemail Greetings for Home

If you wish to have a “readymade voicemail script” you can surely avail that. We have many recorded sample voicemail greeting particularly for home. The samples are unique and plagiarism tested. It will save you the time and effort in preparing the script of short voicemail greeting on your own. You can also avail a personalized voicemail greeting prepared by our professionals.

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