How to Record the Best Nurse Voicemail Greeting

Medical voicemail greeting, why do you need one? As a nurse, you are not always on your desk to answer phone calls. You attend to patients, take rounds, and assist doctors during your duty. With your chaotic schedule and responsibilities, you barely pick up the phone. This is the main reason why you need a nurse voicemail greeting or a voicemail greeting for dental office. Another reason is for you to get a voicemail greeting is for you to get the important calls even when you’re not around.

It also helps you sort your priorities on which call to respond to and allows you to plan your response. A nurse voicemail allows you to reflect your professionalism by getting the message of the caller and responding them accordingly. The following article helps you construct your own successful voicemail message.


It does not also put nurse message on hold. Sometimes, it is very difficult to get into the line only to be put on hold. A voicemail helps the caller to send his message right away without waiting for a very long queuing line.

How to Make Your Voicemail Greeting Unique and Helpful

  • To create nurse back line voicemail greeting, you need to list down what information you need to include on your greeting. This helps you gather all information before recording your voicemail.
  • Keep your greeting short. Do not exceed in 30 seconds. If you can make it within 20, better. Remember, this is just a voicemail and not the actual response to the call.
  • Mention your name and the clinic or hospital you are working for. Make sure you include your name and the company you’re working for to let the caller know that he is calling the right person.
  • Mention the reason why you are not able to take the call. Some of the reasons are – you are not on duty, attending a patient or out of a clinic.
  • Hiring a professional. Our service will not only help you create a nice voicemail greeting but we also help you project a professional image for you and the institution you are working for.

Nurse Voicemail Greeting | What You Should Avoid

Among the things you should avoid in creating or using the voicemail include the following:

  • Avoid a very lengthy voicemail. Keep your greeting short but informative. Provide all the necessary information and encourage the caller to leave his or her message. Do not keep the caller waiting.
  • Do not forget to introduce yourself. Make sure you let the caller know who you are and the institution you are working for.
  • Not giving the caller an alternative. As a nurse, people expect you to take care of them or provide an alternate solution. In using a nurse line voicemail greeting, include an alternate line or email if you have one. This gives the caller an alternative route where to find you.
  • Not telling the caller why you can’t pick up the phone. Notify the caller why you are not able to take the call. Some nurses promise to call back but if you cannot hold on to that, do not say so. You can say, “I’ll try to call you back.” It is not a solid promise that you will be detested once broken.

Secrets of a Successful Nurse Voicemail Greeting

The success and full potential of a nurse voicemail can be seen on how the callers respond to the greeting. If callers do not leave their messages after the beep, then there must be something wrong with your voicemail.

Here are some tips for a correct voicemail greeting:

  • It is short but informative. Keep it within 20-second time. Include your name, the reason why you can’t take the call and instructions on leaving the message.
  • It offers an alternative. Include your hotline or other lines that the patient can call in case of emergency.
  • It is caller-friendly. Although it is not as jolly as a holiday voicemail greeting, a nurse voicemail is still caring, professional, and direct to the point.

Sample Voicemail Greeting for on Call Nurse

Below are some of our sample voicemail greeting for nurses:

  • Hi. Thank you for calling Health-Based Clinic. This is Head Nurse Mary Saunders. I’m out of the office today and I will be back on Monday, 9AM-4PM. Please leave your message after the tone and I’ll try to get back to you. Thank you.

nurse voicemail greeting sample

  • Hi. You’ve reached the nurse station of Health-Based Clinic. This is Mary Saunders. Our official hour is Monday-Friday, 9AM-4PM. Please leave your message and we’ll get back to you. Thank you for your call.

sample voicemail greeting for on call nurse

  • Hi. This is Mary Saunders of Health-Based Clinic. I cannot take your call as I’m with a patient right now. Please leave your message after the beep. Thank you.

nurse message on hold example

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