How to Record the Best Vacation Greeting for Voicemail

Voicemail greeting: Why is it important? People are not always at home or in the office to get calls. With holidays coming, calls are still expected to come but you might be away for a vacation. Don’t miss these messages by using vacation greeting for voicemail on your phones. Businesses like law firms are not only the ones that need a law office voicemail greeting. As a courtesy, home telephones should also use one. These voicemails allow you to receive messages even you can’t get the phone right away, helping you to get the important business and personal messages anytime.

Why Do You Need a Vacation Voicemail Greeting?

People leave their homes and business offices for vacation. However, business does not stop if you drive out-of-town. This is the main reason why you need a professional voicemail greeting for vacation. Even you’re away, forgetting the hustle of work and busy schedules, clients, friends, and other people might still call your office or your home. As a courtesy, you have to let them know that you’re away but will be calling them back as soon as you get home.


A summer vacation voicemail greeting message also makes the caller understand your reason for not answering the call right away. In this sense, they will not expect an immediate response from you. Apart from medical office voicemail greeting script, we also create personal voicemail messages.

Mistakes of a Vacation Voicemail Greeting

Here are some of the mistakes you need to avoid in using or creating a voicemail greeting during vacation:

  • Using a very long voicemail. Keep your voicemail short and more detailed. Include your name, residence or office, the reason for not getting the call, and asking the caller to leave the message. The predetermined amount of time for a voicemail is 20-30 seconds.
  • Being rude on your voicemail. Your voicemail must be polite at all times. Start with a simple hello and end it with a thank you note.
  • Saying ‘you’ll call back as soon as possible’. Don’t promise something you cannot keep. You can simply state ‘please leave your message and ‘thank you for calling’. If you said you‘d call them back, callers expect for a response call soon.
  • Not providing an alternative route. If you use an out of office vacation voicemail greeting, make sure that you provide alternative personnel who can address callers’ with urgent needs for a response.

How to Record the Perfect Vacation Voicemail Greeting

Your phone has a function setting where you can record your voicemail.

Here are some practical tips on how to record your vacation voicemail message:

  • Record your voicemail in a quiet room to ensure the clear message is saved and no noise to interrupt the recording.
  • Begin with a polite greeting of “Hi” or “Hello”.
  • State your name or family name and the reason why you’re not able to take the call right away.
  • Ask the caller to leave their name, contact number, and the message.
  • Notify the caller when you will be back.
  • Thank the caller.
  • Save your recording.

Samples of a Good Vacation Voicemail Greeting

funny vacation voicemail greetings examplesHere are some samples of funny vacation voicemail greetings that you can use as a pattern for your own home:

  • Hi, you’ve reached the Millers but we’re out for a quick getaway. Anyways, please leave your message and we’ll try to call you back. Thank you.
  • Hello. We’re the Millers and we’re on vacay so we can’t take your call right now. Just leave your message after the beep. Thanks!  
  • Hello there! It’s Maggie Miller and I’m out for a sweet escape. Not sure when I’ll be back but just leave your message after the beep. Thanks!
  • Aloha! Maggie’s not here right now so you know what to do after you heard the beep! Thanks!

Sample Vacation Greeting Voicemail

  • professional vocemail greeting for vacation samplesHi. This is West Miller and I’m on vacation right now so I can’t take your call. I’ll be back next Monday, 9 AM. Please leave your message after the tone and I’ll try to call back. Thank you.
  • Hi. You’ve reached the Millers who are out for a long vacation. We’re not sure when we’ll be back but if this is so important, please leave your message and we’ll try to catch up. Thank you!
  • Ola! We’re the Millers from Spain. We can’t take your call but you can leave your message. Ciao!
  • Hello. You’ve reached West Miller. I can’t take your call from beautiful Hawaii so please leave your message while I’m catching some tan. I’ll try to catch up as soon as I get back. Thanks!

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