Recording the Best Work Voicemail Greeting

best work voicemail greeting service

To set up the best work voicemail greeting programme for corporate and professional workplaces requires more professional help. Voicemail greetings offer professionals and businesses an intelligent and unique way to commence or retain a relationship with prospective and existing clients. It is the use of phone greetings as a form of front desk staff or ushers for your business. It helps you receive visitors through your call centers, introducing your business as well as help keep in touch with clients even when you are indisposed, out of reach or need to set up a holiday voicemail greeting.

Why It Is Important to Record Your Work Voicemail Messages Professionally

Professional scriptwriting help

If it is a professional service then professional voice-over talents usually help prepare an industry and customer-focused script that should serve your company needs better by giving it a more corporate image. You can access work voicemail sample on our website page as a guide for your custom voicemail greeting.

High-quality sound

Most voicemail professionals make use of standard studio with trained sound engineers for the production of your voicemail messages and that ensures you get the best.

Clarity of message and delivery

With professional studio production, you get nothing short of clarity of voice for your professional work voicemail messages.

Perfect timing with additional sounds or music

Professional voicemail service makes it easier to time the message to specification with the inclusion of accompanying sounds and musicals where necessary.

Allows room for links to social media accounts

A more professional job makes it easier to include social media links and to other useful resources for your business and in dealing with external callers.

How to Record a Professional Work Voicemail Greeting

First, understand the fact that customers call in for a different reason so you need to have a professional work voicemail in dealing external callers. Structure your phone greetings not only professionally but to meet these varied needs. The ability to attend to each customer’s need could determine whether or not they will stay or do business with your organization a second time. You have the welcome voicemail greeting, on-the-queue and voicemail greeting for work voicemail messages for a telephone system.

  • Greetings: It is always best, to begin with, a salutation or a brief welcome message to the caller.
  • Identification: Depending on whether it is a single professional or a company voicemail service you can mention your name, department or company name for easy identification.
  • Background information: Your background information helps the caller know what the current situation is such as ‘I am not available right now’ ‘in a meeting’ etc.
  • Expectations: What should the caller do immediately such as either they should leave a message, call back at a specific time or reach out to a different number if in the case your company have a means to provide specific answers to frequently asked questions or if there is a unit or person they could call alternatively.
  • Signing off: You can offer apologies or a thank you message your company to sign off.

Tools for Recording Work Voicemail Messages

tools to record work voicemail messages

  • Smartphone voicemail recording

Most smartphones today have recording functions that can allow you record you greetings or voicemail messages before uploading to your voicemail service. So you can record a voicemail on iPhones or Android phone. Though it might not be too professional depending on your need you could rehearse several times, listening to yourself to hear how you sound. You could even leave a voicemail message for a friend so he or she can comment on how it sounds.

Alternatively, you can record voicemail with your laptop or computer using a microphone too. It is okay to use the smartphone voicemail recording system for personal but not work voicemail messages for a telephone system.

  • Script-to-voice recording

If you could write the script or voice message that needs recording you can get services online that allows you convert such script into voicemails. Once you type in your message you can select an automated voice to convert the message into a voicemail.

Once you send in your script, VoiceOverPro records the voice message and submits to you. They provide you with the option to choose whether the message should run for 30-60 seconds, number of words and the deadline for delivery. The one drawback with VoiceOverPro is just that you do not have an option to pick the tone or voice since they only work with a single tone.

  • Online templates

Right on the internet, there are a lot of pre-recorded voicemail templates you can take advantage of to customize for your business needs. It saves you from the stress of thinking up an appropriate message. Once you have a template you could also choose to write with differentiation to makes your unique. You can check out VoiceNation and University of Chicago voicemail greetings library for bright ideas.

  • Professional voicemail service

You could enjoy a more professional service from organizations like the VoiceArchive as they have a database of about 1,500 professional voice talents across all ages, sexes, and tones, including those of kids. So you have the chance to experiment and see how it turns out. VoiceArchives also offer options for about 100 languages besides the English language. They include French, German, Italian, Dutch, etc. with professionals you can be sure of high-quality voicemails with the right keys, tones, and impact including professional advice.


Tips to Note for a More Professional Voicemail Greeting Recording

  • Timing: Learn to keep it short and simple by limiting the message to less than 30 seconds to save the client’s time. Greetings should be brief.
  • Corporate identity: The message should promote your company image consistently. It should be obvious that the client is dealing with your company or brand.
  • Provide alternative options: Avoid boxing the customer or creating a dead end for the customer where he or she left without an option. A single message might not cater to the client’s need to give options to other available resources or links to help the client achieve aims.
  • Carry out checks: Ensure to check your voice recording messages to see how the customer feel would be by posing as a customer call-in.
  • Be respectful: Always put yourself in the place of the client and think about how you wish to be treated, politely, respect for time, the importance of what you might have to say and more; then try to provide a solution through voicemail recording along those lines. You, therefore, need to know what to say for work voicemail to both attract and retain clients the amount of time to spend.

How Our Service Can Help for Professional Voicemail Recording

  • Professional scriptwriting help. We can provide professional help with saying the message in an appropriate way to meet your company need a work voicemail script or message.
  • Voicemail recording session. To give your message the professional touch we help record voicemail messages to a professional standard using studio sessions and expert voiceover talents.
  • Professional voicemail experts. At our service, we work with sound engineers, voiceover talents, and professional scriptwriters to give you the best work voicemail service help.
  • Native English voiceover talents. With our team of native English voiceover talents, we can guarantee professional voice-over messages without accent issues but tailored to your business needs.

Why You Should Use Our Voicemail Recording Service

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