Voicemail Greeting for Dental Office Tips and Tricks

Like any other medical professionals, dentists also need voicemail greeting for dental office whenever they are not around.  This voicemail like the voicemail greeting therapist allows them to get callers’ messages even without taking the call right away. The following article will give you further details on the importance of voicemail greetings and where can you find professionals to get one.

Why a Dental Office Needs a Good Voicemail Greeting

A dental office needs a good voicemail greeting for numerous reasons. First, to make the caller feels that his or her concern is important to you. Although you are not there to take the call, you have a caller-friendly dental voicemail greeting to inform them about your situation. Second, it helps you get new patients and their information.


If the caller were a new patient, he would leave his message including his return call number. In this sense, you will be able to get a new client or retain a previous one. Third, it reflects your professionalism. Leaving a voicemail greeting for your on-hold callers reflect that you value their calls. Although an answering machine will get their message, it still means that they did not waste their time calling you. And lastly, it allows you to filter messages, prioritize return calls, and take only the calls you want.

Tips for the Best Dental Office Voicemail Greeting

  • Give your concrete information. These include your name, along with your title, clinic you are working with, and your designated time call.   Have a good dental office voicemail greeting script with the experts.
  • Notify the caller about the appropriate time to call. If you’re out of office, include on your voicemail the proper time to call. Example, your clinic time is Monday-Friday, 9AM-4PM.
  • Don’t create a very long voicemail greeting. The average time for a voicemail is 20-30 seconds max. Include everything you need to say during that period.
  • Hire a professional. Our agency specializes in creating medical office voicemail greeting script and dental offices are among our clients. We understand what the caller wants, how long does it take to keep them talking, and what information to gather.

What to Avoid in Dental Office Nice Voicemail Greeting

  • A very long voicemail greeting. Keep it short and brief. Don’t keep your caller bored that will result in a dropped call.
  • Not informed of who you are. The caller has to make sure that he called the right office and person. Introduce yourself, the clinic you are working, and the best time to call your office.
  • Not providing an alternative. For emergency and urgent concerns, allow the caller to reach you on your personal phone number or reroute him to someone who can address his concerns, like your secretary.

Voicemail Greeting Examples for Dental Office

The following are some samples of our dental voicemail messages:

  • Hi. Thank you for calling Bright Smile Dental and Aesthetic Clinic. This is Dr. Suzanne Collins-Morgan. I’m out of the office today and I will be back on Monday, 9AM-4PM. Please leave your message after the tone and I’ll try to get back to you. Thank you.

dental office nice voicemail greeting sample

  • Hi. You’ve reached Dr. Suzanne Collins-Morgan of Bright Smile Dental and Aesthetic Clinic. We’re closed today but our official clinic hour is Monday-Friday, 9AM-4PM. Kindly leave your message after the tone and we’ll get back to you. For your appointments, kindly visit our online reservation services at www.brightsmileaesthetic.com. Thank you for your call.

best example of dental office voicemail greeting script

  • Hi. This is Jane Morgan, an orthopedic therapist at Bioessence Therapy. I cannot take your call as I’m with a patient right now. Please leave your message after the tone. Thank you.

professional dental voicemail greeting template

  • Hello. This is Dr. Suzanne Collins-Morgan of Bright Smile Dental and Aesthetic Clinic. I’m out of clinic today but for your dental appointments and clinic concerns, kindly leave your message and I’ll try to call you back. You can also call our hotline 43-740-2256 for schedule and reservation. Thank you.

voicemail greeting example for dental office

How We Can Help You with Voicemail Greeting for Dental Office

We help medical offices like dentist’ by providing dental office nice voicemail greeting that suits their needs. If you want something short, meaningful, and professional, we could provide you with the best voicemail greetings there is.

Aside from voicemail greeting therapist, we also provide a wide range of voicemail creation services. Among our clients are dental offices, therapists, doctors, lawyers, and other professionals. Our service has been on the market for years and we have a deep understanding of how callers respond to voicemails. For you, we offer several voicemail-greeting examples for a dental office that you can review.

Should you decided to get one, our experienced voicemail creator will talk to you about your requirements and expectations. We also offer fast processing. We submit several choices for you and polish the chosen one for finalization.  So what are you waiting for? Check our example dental office voicemail greeting list and see which suits your requirements the best.

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