What to Say on a Business Voicemail: Essentials

business voicemail greeting serviceA business voicemail message is the call center agent of any business that communicates the corporate culture and image of the organization or professional to external callers. Hence, knowing what to say on a business voicemail greeting is just as important as reaching out to a prospective or existing client in the first instance.

Why Do You Need a Professional Businesses Voicemail Recording

Hard Facts

Do you know that the average voicemail response rate is less than 10%? Are you aware that as much as 75% of most business calls do not get completed from the first call attempt but end up in voicemail? Do you also know not less than 90% of calls that come in do not have as much relevance as the work they tend to interrupt? Again, have you ever heard the fact that about 60% of most written messages do not carry a complete message? And lastly, 76% of the business communication of messages you would receive in a day can actually wait for more important business activities to be done first as they are not time sensitive. Now, these hard facts should make it more glaring why you need to set up a professional business voicemail service for your business and professional use.

Corporate Image

Having the best work voicemail greeting message says a lot about your business and how much value you place on customer relationship. Your ability to solve your customers need starts with getting the customer to feeling comfortable around you enough to want to make a commitment, come back or recommend your organization.

Get Serious

No one can take you as serious as you take yourself. Understanding the fact that you probably are not the only person in the same line of business and that your competitor might have something that makes them more preferable than you, anything that can give you the competitive advantage is a plus to your business. Your business voicemail greeting service option provides an opportunity to make a first and long-lasting impression as well as entice potential customer.

Technical expertise

Using a professional voicemail service provider can give you the competitive advantage. Professional voiceover talents, skilled and trained sound engineers and scriptwriting experts help craft your mail messages to suit your audience and company needs.

Clarity of message

Since you work with professional voicemail service providers who understand your needs what you should get is clear tone, clarity of message and balance in delivery.

Types of Great Business Voicemail Greetings

  • Welcome voicemail greetings. Welcome voicemail provides a friendly option to receiving customers using a welcome message. For instance, ‘welcome to ABC companies we are currently in a meeting and cannot receive your calls right now. Please leave a message and phone number and we will call you back in two hours’.
  • On-the-queue voicemail greetings. Big businesses understand the importance of not leaving the customer waiting and with great business voicemail greetings service you can reduce the waiting time for first attempt calls and repeated calls. On-the-queue voicemail works best for a business with customer support lines. For instance, “You have reached the voicemail service of ABC Integrated Services, all lines are currently busy and you are number 6 on the list please wait for a few minutes to be attended to by for our representatives”.
  • Out-of-reach greetings. If you would be away for some days or not be able to reply calls for a lengthy period of time this helps your client know what to do or expect. “Hi, I am John Stone from ABC Integrated Service and will be away for about 3 days. Kindly accept my apologies and do leave a message after the beep or call +01—- if it requires so much urgency”
  • Transfer options greetings. Transfer option helps to departmentalize calls to support staff with relevance and expertise to deal with the client’s problems. “Hi, thank you for calling John Stone at ABC Integrated Services, for technical issues press1, for account balance press 2, to speak with a customer care representative press 3”.

What Should You Never Include in a Business Voicemail Recording

professional work voicemail tipsAvoid popular and over-used phrases such as “your call is important to us”, it already sounds too familiar and like a cliché in business voicemail recording.

  • Avoid a dry and slouchy tone of voice.
  • Do not talk too fast or too slow as it could be irritating or cause the client to miss what you have to say.
  • Be discreet and straight to the point but avoid incomplete information.

What Should Be Included in Every Business Voicemail?

  • Provide valid information to let the client know whose service they have reached, such as a name, business name or unit of a particular business.
  • Always remember to thank the customer for calling your voicemail service at first.
  • Let them understand the current position of things such as you are out of the office or in a meeting, etc. and offer an apology for your inability to take their calls.
  • Provide the client with alternative lines of action such as who they can call to resolve their issues if need be or promise to return their calls at a specific period after you listen to the message.
  • Encourage them to leave a message and any additional information that can help you serve them better.
  • Your message should come in a friendly tone, display enthusiasm, short and straight to the point, say 30 seconds. Please feel free to check our website for business voicemail greeting template.

How We Can Help: Our Business Voicemail Greeting Service

  • Professional Business Voicemail Greetings. How about allowing our professionals express it the way it will serve you better. With a clear understanding of industry needs, we craft your voicemail messages appropriately. Professional & business voicemail message offers individual professionals or business owners an opportunity to maintain effective customer relations when we give you what to say on a professional business voicemail.
  • Corporate Image Voicemail Greetings. You voicemail projects your business ethics and values to the customer hence it should be voicemail greetings must reflect your corporate image or brand and that is what we do for you.
  • Humorous/Exciting Voicemail Greetings. Not all persons like to be taken too seriously and a little humor in the right dosage might just be all you need to keep your clients coming or calling you back. At our service, we know how to make your customers have a good laugh while you smile to the bank.
  • Specialized Voicemail Greeting. Present your message in an unconventional way, include your signature tune, include musicals and more but just let us give it the professional touch it deserves.
  • Answering Machine Greetings. It’s not possible to answer all business calls daily and so let’s help you keep your client’s abreast as if you were the one responding to all their inquiries. Our answering machine greetings help your client know what to do next if they can speak with you now.

Why You Should Choose Our Business Voicemail Recording Service

  • Unique background music
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