Creative Voicemail Greetings

creative voicemail greetingcreative voicemail greetingsIf you wish to go creative about your existing voicemails there are two ways you can achieve that. One is with your own ideas and the second being to know it from us. We are a professional service offering all kinds of assistance in change voicemail greeting. We provide original sample of greetings, consultation to record on one’s own, coaching for aspiring candidates to who wish to be professional voice over artists. We also offer to record personalized voicemail greeting following all the regulations of a greeting to make it a perfect one. The sound quality and clarity are both top class. You can also hire our professional to avail a new and creative voicemail greeting at a very reasonable price.

Types of Voicemail Greeting

Here’s listing a few creative types of voicemail greeting. Each has a brief description to have a better idea on their type.

  • Professional Greeting: This is more of a formal greeting where the scope of getting creative is slightly limited. Still, you can try out new ways of attending to your caller. For instance, you can change the sentences or words. But do avoid usages of ‘umm’ while recording as it shows lack of confidence.
  • Personal Greeting: You can get quite innovative when recording a personal voicemail greeting. There are various ways of recording a personal greeting. For instance there are funny greetings, cute greetings, holiday greetings etc.
  • Funny Greeting: Friends are the most frequent callers. When you add a funny voicemail it adds fun to your call and there’s a buzz among your friends about it. They too would want it but you will be the first one to have it. It is your personal choice as to how funny you would prefer your voicemail message to be. A fun way to greet your personal callers is to catch them off-guard. For example- ‘Hi, how r u doing? (pause), this is my answering machine, will call you back, leave a message.’
  • Cute Greeting: Baby voices are very cute to listen to. You can listen to them over and over again without getting bored. So you can get you message recorded by a 2-3 years old kid and make it sound quite innovative and cute.
  • Holiday Greeting: If you are taking a break from you routine life and are off on a holiday for a few days. Let it known to your callers. For urgent calls you can leave a number as well.

Creative Professional Voicemail Greetings: You Can Get It Right Here

To avail a voicemail of your choice you can use our samples or hire our professionals. You will get exactly what you are looking for. “Top quality service at cheap prices.”

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