Real Estate Agent Voicemail Greeting You Need

Are you looking for a real estate agent voicemail greeting? As a real estate agent, you have a very busy schedule – you need to show clients the best home for sale, you have showroom tours, client meetings, and the like. This makes you as a field agent and there are more times when you are not present in the office. Even when you’re not in the office, you still have to make people feel your presence, especially if they are your future clients. A real estate agent voicemail greeting, just like a holiday voicemail greeting, will help you entertain your caller even you’re not there to pick up the phone immediately. The following article will guide you on how to work on your client-friendly voicemail greeting.

Real Estate Voicemail Greetings: Why Do You Need One?

As a real estate agent, you are always talking to someone – whether it is a client, a future buyer, or a bank processing personnel. This makes you a very busy person, as well as your phone. But you cannot lose a client who is about to make a purchase just because you didn’t answer your phone right away. You need voicemail greeting for real estate agent to help you entertain callers and get their information or concern even you’re on another call or just off the office assisting other clients.


You need this voicemail greeting for a luxury real estate agent specially made voicemail greeting to build a relationship with your clients. Having a business and client-friendly voicemail makes your customers feel important. Even you’re not answering their call right away, they can feel that you’re about to call them the moment you get their message.

A voicemail greeting is also a good chance to market yourself. As you introduce yourself and the brokerage or company your work with, it brings your closer to the caller. This works better as you mention your alternative information they can contact in the future. This gives the caller the choice to reach out to you, which is a good marketing strategy. You also need a holiday voicemail greeting, especially this season when you expect people to call your office when you’re away on a holiday vacation. You can make it a little bit warmer and season-based.

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real estate agent voicemail greeting indications

Is Your Voicemail Greeting for Real Estate Agent?

The following are indications that you have the best real estate agent voicemail greeting on your phone:

  • You introduce yourself clearly. This makes the caller understand the person who they are calling.
  • You provide alternative contact information. Since they cannot reach you at the moment, you can give your most immediate contact information such as cell phone number or email where the caller can reach you.
  • The caller gets the information. You knew you have a successful voicemail greeting if the caller tried the alternative information you gave and tried to reach you there.
  • You get their message. A successful voicemail convinces the caller to drop his or her message after the beep.

Common Mistakes on Voicemail Greetings to Avoid

Real estate agent voicemail greeting scripts do not always come successfully for some professionals.

These are the common mistakes on voicemail greetings that can ruin your reputation and business:

  • Not introducing yourself. This is a huge mistake. Even people calling the wrong number can drop their message, as they don’t know who they’re calling to.
  • Not saying why you cannot take the call right now. The caller will wonder why you’re not taking the call. So it is important to let them know that you’re out of office or in a meeting at the moment.
  • Not inviting them to leave the message. The main purpose of a voicemail is to get the message even you’re not answering the phone. If you failed to invite the caller to leave the message, then you made a huge mistake.
  • Not explaining your availability. The callers need to know when you will be back to address their concerns. To make it safe, let them know that you will be calling them back as soon as you get back to the office.
  • A very long voicemail. An average voicemail is 20-30 second recording. Any longer than that and the caller will be bored and will just drop off.

How to Record a Professional Real Estate Voicemail Greeting

  • Tap the phone icon on the LCD of your phone.
  • Click on Voicemail and start recording.
  • Once you’re done recording, click save.

Real Estate Agent Voicemail Greeting | Our Samples

The following are among our voicemail greeting for luxury real estate agent examples for you.

Should you like any of these, you can contact us and we will customize the best voicemail for you:

  • Hi. This is Jim Danes. Sorry if I can’t take your call right now as I’m out of office. I will return your call as soon as I get back. So, just please leave your message after the beep. Thank you for your call.
  • Hi. You have reached Jim Danes’ office of Danes’ Brokerage. I’m out of office and will be back tomorrow 8 AM. Please leave your message after the tone and we will get back to you. Thank you.
  • You have reached Jim Danes of Danes’ Brokerage. I am currently in a meeting right now and I can’t take your call. I will call you back as soon as I’m available. For your immediate needs, please call my secretary, Joan Sanders at 4563 or leave your message after the beep. Thank you.
  • voicemail greeting for real estate agent sample

How Our Best Real Estate Agent Voicemail Greeting Service Can Help

We understand your difficulty in creating a professional, client-friendly and correct formatted voicemail. We’re here to help you. You can check our real estate agent voicemail greeting script examples to appreciate our service.

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